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Such a fragile place where you're confined,
Hard to trust yourself, a veil blocks the light.
Is reality a state of mind?
Make your way out of the night.

No way to stay,
You'll face the day.

He sits alone and bleeds out on the page,
Has to find a way to drown out his pain.
Knows he'll find an escape on the stage,
Makes his way out of the rain.

Something's hiding on the edge of view,
A strength inside him that he never knew.
Something's tearing at his very soul,
Found a semblance of control.

No way to stay,
I'll face the day.

So save me.

No way to stay,
You'll face the day.

Life has changed and I'm afraid to die,
Now I know how it feels to fly.
The mandala turns before my eyes,
Chains the demons deep inside.

So save me.


from Mandala EP, released July 22, 2017



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Arakh England, UK

Arakh are a progressive rock/metal band from Devon, UK. Formed by songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist Hayden de Nooijer (formerly of Mad Hatter 2.0 and Lex Umbra),
Arakh are largely a solo endeavour but do feature guest appearances from other artists.
While they are currently a studio-only band, this could well change in the near future!
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